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Why Montalvo?

Montalvo School is a Ventura Unified School of Choice that also serves its unique and thriving neighborhood community.  Montalvo’s enrollment is about 400 diverse students with class sizes of 24 in kindergarten through third grade and 30 in fourth and fifth grade.  Montalvo offers an award-winning DLE (Dual Language Education) program that was the first in Ventura County, established in 2000.  We are also the only Arts Academy in Ventura Unified, which offers a unique education about various art movements, masters, and genres.  Students learn elements of art and principles of design through their exploration of the grade level genre.  Grade level genres were chosen based on the developmental age and stage of our students, and our students leave Montalvo knowing about masters of Modernism, Contemporary Art, Folk Art, Impressionism, and more!